Taking Wellness to the Next Level

A key feature of Asbury’s wellness model is its integration with all aspects of resident life and stages of the continuum.

Inverness Village, which has won two International Council on Active Aging Innovator of Year Awards, provides a window into how this is done and the results that can be achieved.

When the wellness team audited participation in their Fitness and Aquatic Center, they found that the percentage of residents who were utilizing the Center at least two times per week had fallen to just under 30 percent. While that number is above the national average for senior living they wanted better.

Making it matter
The team implemented a quarterly fitness theme and created classes, programs and events centered on meaningful, doable goals. This quarterly focus is reinforced in all aspects of resident life, including dining – and in all levels of living.

Redesigning their resident life calendar with a magazine-style cover attracts attention and allows them to highlight themes, special events and classes.

A “What’s Your Reason to Move?” class asked residents to identify their purpose for staying mobile and strong and hang it on the fitness center wall where it served as a motivator. Classes with names like “Better Backs” and “Better Balance” provide a practical, concrete motivation for coming out.

Collaboration is key
A partnership with rehabilitation therapy staff called “Spring Training: Can You Dig It?” took place outdoors, focusing on proper positioning and strengthening for gardening and other summer activities.

Special ladies-only and mens-only classes led to higher participation and Ladies' and Mens' Nights Out in the community's private dining room.

The team also took their show on the road. Many residents’ apartments encircle a large pond. Wellness team members stationed themselves around the pond for Patio Cardio, where residents could literally get a workout from their apartment. A kickboxing class offered in the fitness center was adapted for residents in assisted living and skilled nursing, and taken to those locations. In all, the wellness team offers 10 classes a week for health care residents.

Through these and other creative ideas, fitness participation at Inverness Village is now 40 percent, well above the national average.

Ideas and results like these are shared on system-wide Wellness Team calls, strengthening wellness for all residents of Asbury Communities.

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