The Asbury Group Technology Edge

The Asbury Group Integrated Technologies gives our organization a critical edge when it comes to developing cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of purposes, settings, and audiences. Currently, The Asbury Group is spearheading three pilots at Asbury communities designed to enhance residents’ lives across the continuum.

  • Robotics and Dementia 
    Later this year, Asbury will partner with Sodexo Senior Services to participate in their first formal study of the effects of the Paro comfort device on residents with dementia in the United States. Paro is a robot designed to provide comfort and positive emotional stimulation in health care settings. The device closely resembles a furry, baby seal, and includes an artificial intelligence component that allows the ‘animal’ to read and interact with the person holding it. Sodexo has piloted the device in Japan, where its use has become more routine. Asbury is excited to be able to bring this product to the United States and study how Paro can improve socialization and possibly decrease the use of medications in those with dementia.
  • Wearables for Falls Reduction
    ‚ÄčThe Asbury Group and the Asbury Clinical Services Team are conducting a Fall Modeling and Analytics pilot in conjunction with partner WildFig. Selected residents are using a wearable device that provides a wide range of data about their gait dynamics and environment. This data can be used to predict fall risk, adapt community environments to reduce fall risk, and ultimately, to proactively monitor residents at risk of falls and prevent such incidents.
  • Accessible Lifestyle Technology
    Asbury is currently gathering data to measure the value and effectiveness of a software platform that combines home automation services with social engagement and wellness tools. To date, 16 independent living residents in 12 apartments are utilizing the K4Connect platform which provides tablets through which they can control lighting and thermostats, track steps and other wellness goals, and easily access such community content as menus, news & events, as well as personal messages.


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