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Aging Well

  • Working Past Retirement Age? Why Not?
    Posted by Doug Leidig

    Research into the health effects of continuing to work past the typical retirement age is growing, and there is evidence linking working longer to longevity. Although...

  • What’s Age Got to Do With It?
    Posted by Ashton Applewhite

    Ashton Applewhite, ageism activist and TED2017 speaker, shares her thoughts in this Q&A with Asbury. "[T]he cartilage goes away, but our experiences remain accessible to...

  • lifelong learning among older adults
    Road to “Old” Is Filled With Marvelous Twists & Turns
    Posted by Marian Dornell

    When I was little, I thought old people were in a club that dictated how they looked, smelled, moved, and behaved. There were so many similarities among them, regardless...

  • advice for moving to a retirement community
    Reflections on Change: Moving to a Retirement Community
    Posted by Carlee Hallman

    Even knowing the value and benefits of moving to a retirement community, the journey a person must travel in order to get there is an emotionally challenging one. 

    As a...

  • Loneliness and Your Health
    Posted by Susan Grotenhuis

    More than 7 billion people live on our planet today, and yet a global loneliness epidemic may be upon us.

    What’s so bad about loneliness, you say? Quite a lot, research...

  • Making 2017 the Year of Healthy Aging
    Posted by Colin Milner

    Colin Milner, Founder and CEO of the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), is working to change the way we view aging and to empower older adults to age well.


  • How to Age Alone - An ‘Elder Orphan’ Challenges Us to Engage
    Posted by Cathy Canning

    The Asbury team recently sat down with Carol Marak, editor of and “elder orphan.” Carol is passionate about the changes communities must make to help...

  • A ‘Classic’ Takes on Scotland’s Classic Golf Courses
    Posted by Lowell Starling

    Anyone who loves golf dreams of checking the world’s classic courses off their list, but as a bit of a 'classic' myself, I wasn’t sure how I would fare on these grueling...

  • falls prevention in seniors
    Falls Prevention in Seniors
    Posted by Jane Gibson, RN

    How can seniors safeguard themselves from falling? It's an important question because every 15 seconds, an older adult receives emergency room treatment for fall-related...

  • ‘Berry’ Brain Boosting Smoothie
    Posted by Susan Grotenhuis

    Your brain and taste buds will thank you when you make this delicious drink, featuring a key brain-boosting fruit, the blueberry. 

    • ½ large banana, frozen
    • 2 to 3...

  • 5 Reasons to Explore the World of Walking Tours
    Posted by Ron Stevenson

    Have you ever been tempted by ads for walking tours, but dismissed the idea because you’re not the ‘tour type’ or you thought it sounded too strenuous to qualify as a...

  • Six Senior Super Foods
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    As we age, our caloric needs decrease as we lose muscle mass and our metabolism slows. That doesn’t mean our nutritional needs decrease, though. Take a look at the...

  • The Reality of ‘Aging in Place’
    Posted by Ron Stevenson

    When we moved to Asbury Methodist Village retirement community in Gaithersburg, Md., some of our friends were positive, all were curious, and a few were horrified. Many...

  • Shrink ‘Downsizing” Down to Size
    Posted by Susie Danick

    Before I went into professional downsizing and relocation services, I’ll admit it, I was a shopaholic. Now when I walk into a store, many times I turn around and walk...

  • What to Look for in a Retirement Community
    Posted by Jessica Page

    Retirement communities come in many shapes and sizes.  Some are simply 55 and over neighborhoods. Others include a wellness center and events for residents. Continuing...

  • 3 Basics for Aging Well
    Posted by Cathy Richards

    We’ve all seen the stories of people in their 80s and 90s performing incredible physical feats – running marathons, climbing Mt. Everest or hiking Yellowstone. Even if...

  • A New Year for Critical Fitness Resolutions
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    It won’t come as any surprise to hear that aging has long had a stigma attached to it. You need look no farther than the gazillion products being marketed to prevent...

  • 71-Year-Old Retiree Says “Yes” to Cycling Tour & Incredible Journey
    Posted by Lowell Starling

    What happens when a 71-year-old who hasn’t ridden a bike in 30 years say “yes” to an invitation to embark on a 7-day European Bike and Barge tour? He gets in better...

  • Discovering the Joys of Poetry
    Posted by Mary Anne Morefield

    In April, my first book of poems, Earth, Grass, Trees and Stone, was published by Coffeetown Press, launching me into a whole new world of being a poet – a busy life,...

  • Seniors’ Guide to Elective Surgery Prep
    Posted by Chip Comstock, RN

    If you’re a senior preparing for joint replacement surgery or another elective or scheduled surgical procedure, view this checklist, prepared by Springhill Senior Living...

  • balance and leg strength exercises for seniors
    4 Steps for Improving Leg Strength & Balance
    Posted by Dennis Poremski

    In recognition of this year's Active Aging Week (Sept. 27 - Oct. 4), we're sharing the following exercises that address two key components of successful aging.


  • seniors and hearing loss
    Hearing Loss & Brain Health
    Posted by Jane Gibson, RN

    For centuries, hearing loss has been viewed as a troublesome but not particularly troubling condition by the general public. But new research linking hearing loss to a...

  • functional fitness exercises
    Functional Fitness:Three Simple But Important Exercises
    Posted by Kelly Stranburg

    One of the unfortunate side effects of aging is a natural loss of muscle mass. Addressing this natural decline is an important part of creating a healthy and indepedent...

  • brain fitness tips
    The Critical Link Between Sleep and Brain Health
    Posted by Susan Grotenhuis

    Humans have been pushing the natural boundaries between day and night for centuries. In the 1800s, we used candles and gas lamps to extend the day. Today in America, you...

  • CCRCs & the CARF Seal of Approval
    Posted by Ann Gillespie

    Over 25 years ago, a group of pioneering leaders from the senior living, finance, and consumer advocacy fields came together to create a national campaign for excellence...

  • waterfront retirement communities
    Not Ready? The Risks of Waiting for Your Retirement Move
    Posted by Krista DiGeorge

    Having worked in the field of senior living for many years, I’ve talked to literally hundreds of older people who are thinking about moving or who have just moved into a...

  • arthritis exercises for seniors
    Top Exercises for Those With Arthritis
    Posted by Justin Margut

    Motivating yourself to exercise is challenging for many, and most particularly for those dealing with arthritis pain. But exercise is just as critical for arthritis...

  • brain health and exercise
    Walking: Good for Body and Mind
    Posted by Dennis Poremski

    Each year, Americans spend millions of dollars on diets, exercise equipment, books and fitness memberships. We are deluged with studies discussing how various foods and...

  • Keys to elective joint-replacement surgery success
    The Three Key Factors to Joint Replacement Surgery Success
    Posted by Laurie Dart, RN

    As we age, so do our joints. If you are 70 years or older, odds are that you know someone who has had a knee, hip or shoulder replacement – or is at least preparing for...

  • Brain Fitness - Five Steps to a Happier, Healthier Brain
    Posted by Susan Grotenhuis

    Are you giving your brain the love and respect it deserves? It’s the body’s most vital organ – controlling us physically, but also registering and recording our lives.


  • senior wellness and health
    How to Make Your Home a Blue Zone
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    Last year, I attended a national conference for aging services providers and was introduced to Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones. When Buettner shared what he found when he...

  • how to prepare for knee and hip replacements and other elective surgeries
    A Magic Pill for Elective Surgery?
    Posted by Cathy Richards

    Surgery takes a toll on your body, and as we age, the amount of time it takes to bounce back from injury or trauma lengthens. It is not uncommon for people to put off...

  • Portion Distortion and the Older Waistline
    Posted by Amy Burhenn

    Everyone knows our nation’s portion sizes have undergone pretty significant distortion in recent decades.

    But, the plain truth is that when you eat out at most...

  • Grief – Especially Hard During Holidays – Is a Year-Round Journey
    Posted by Mary Ellen Elwell

    Loss and its partner, grief, are an inevitable part of life, but they are especially present in the lives of older people. I’ve been with many people as they walk with...

  • senior wellness
    Experts’ Advice for Aging Well
    Posted by Sandy Reid

    With age comes change. That is inevitable. However, Asbury wellness directors Sandy Reid and Cathy Richards have had ample time to see that how you age is not...

  • Erie, Pa., retirement community
    A Friendship Takes Flight
    Posted by Cathy Canning

    Thirty years ago, Springhill retirement community landscaper Karen Ellis took a tour around Lancaster, Pa., in a small-craft airplane. When it was over, she told her...

  • A Beloved Community’s March on Washington
    Posted by Jan Garman

    On the morning of the 50th anniversary marking Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s remarkable “I Have a Dream” speech and the March on Washington, the skies were cloudy. In...

  • Finding Your Balance: Some Simple Yet Important Exercises
    Posted by Justin Margut

    Balance is one of those things in life that becomes more of a challenge as we age. Many people do regular exercises such as walking, strength or flexibility training,...

  • Aging as a Spiritual Process
    Posted by Wayne DeHart

    In case you haven’t noticed it, we as a society are on the verge of a revolution. What some have called the “longevity revolution” is upon us. Kathleen Fisher, in her...

  • Summer Reads With a Senior Slant
    Posted by Mary Ellen Elwell

    Here are two recommended summer reads - one written by an older adult, the other chronicling the journey of one - reviewed by Asbury resident Mary Ellen Elwell. Dive in...

  • Age-Related Declines Aren’t Set in Stone
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    Aging is mandatory, but we do have a say in how well we prepare for the journey. It is a common misconception that age-related declines are just part of the process....

  • What I’ve Learned from Working with Older Adults
    What I’ve Learned Working with Older Adults
    Posted by Jenn Schwamb

    “Every day is a school day.” I think I’ve heard my husband, a financial analyst and professor, utter this phrase well over one hundred times. My five-year career with...

  • How to Get Stronger Without Getting Up From Your Chair!
    How to Get Stronger Without Getting Up From Your Chair!
    Posted by Cathy Richards

    Exercise programs, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. And there are incredible benefits to be derived from any and all types of exercise. One of the most...

  • How a Retirement Community Became the Perfect New Home for This New Couple
    How a Retirement Community Became the Perfect New Home for This New Couple
    Posted by Phyllis Zeno

    Harvey and I met on in 2008, and the attraction was instantaneous. "We would be perfect for each other," I wrote," but you live in New York and I live in...

  • Good Mourning: Coping With the Loss That Comes With Aging
    Good Mourning: Coping With the Loss That Comes With Aging
    Posted by John Bowen

    Remember Charlie Brown and his “Good grief!”? He was usually conveying exasperation towards one of the comic strip characters or reacting to some indignity. In the...

Useful Resources for Aging Well

Brain Games by AARP has a variety of free games you can play that exercise different parts and functions of the brain.

ChangingAging™ is a blog written by geriatrician Bill Thomas, M.D., that “challenges conventional views on aging.”

Eating Well is the website of Eating Well magazine. It’s free and has a wealth of recipes and interesting food- and health-related articles.

Encore is a Wall Street Journal Market Watch financial blog for those living in or planning for retirement. is the “official U.S. Government site for Medicare.

This resource allows you to locate Medicare physicians in your area and compare their quality.

The National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information is a comprehensive website created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Click here to see the website’s resources on end-of-life and other important legal documents.

Rick Steves’ Europe is a well-known travel writer and TV and radio show host.

Road Scholar is the website of the rebranded Elderhostel organization. A great resource for trips, tours – or just travel ideas – in the United States and abroad.

Senior Corps is one place to find volunteer opportunities. Did you know there are physical and mental, not just emotional, benefits to helping others?

The U.S. Government’s website for older adults provides links to government resources on money, housing, health, consumer protection, taxes, volunteer opportunities, and more.

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