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The Reality of ‘Aging in Place’

Ron Stevenson
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Ron Stevenson

When we moved to Asbury Methodist Village retirement community in Gaithersburg, Md., some of our friends were positive, all were curious, and a few were horrified. Many said it was” too soon.” Our response was, “Yes, until it’s too late.” We told them that we wanted to move while we were young enough to make sound decisions for ourselves, strong enough to downsize a lifetime of possessions, and to spare our children from having to do it for us. 

Physically, we can’t do what we once could and taking care of a house becomes more of a chore. We had watched older generations whose homes were deteriorating around them. ‘Aging in place’ sounds lovely as a concept; however, we knew the reality could be very different.  

Moving to Asbury has made it much, much easier to travel. We are gone three or four months every year visiting children, grandchildren, other family and friends and exploring new places. We just spent February and March in Sedona, Arizona. We hiked a new trail every day—typically between 4 and 9 miles and, returned to our beautiful rental house with an incredible view of the red rocks, and took a nap. 

Financially, our cost of living is about the same—probably a little less—leaving more money to travel.

We knew that a CCRC was designed to support aging in a positive, social and stimulating environment, and we have not been disappointed.  We chose Asbury at our age to expand our world while still young and active enough to make the move relatively easily as well as to take advantage of the many and varied amenities Asbury Methodist Village offers.

We are looking forward to being able to ‘age in place’ in our new home.  

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