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  • Six Senior Super Foods
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    As we age, our caloric needs decrease as we lose muscle mass and our metabolism slows. That doesn’t mean our nutritional needs decrease, though. Take a look at the...

  • A New Year for Critical Fitness Resolutions
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    It won’t come as any surprise to hear that aging has long had a stigma attached to it. You need look no farther than the gazillion products being marketed to prevent...

  • senior wellness and health
    How to Make Your Home a Blue Zone
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    Last year, I attended a national conference for aging services providers and was introduced to Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones. When Buettner shared what he found when he...

  • Age-Related Declines Aren’t Set in Stone
    Posted by Jana Scavona

    Aging is mandatory, but we do have a say in how well we prepare for the journey. It is a common misconception that age-related declines are just part of the process....

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