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  • Stroke Recovery: Smoothing the Transition Home
    Posted by Cynthia Perez

    Families returning home following a stroke face a multitude of challenges. As someone who has worked with this population for 20-plus years at the Wilson Health Care...

  • 3 Tips for Caregivers Coping with Holiday Stress
    Posted by Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth Miller started her online community after years of taking care of two chronically ill parents who lived six hours away.

    A classic...

  • Seniors as Caregivers: Setting Limits
    Posted by Sister Kathleen Weber

    Friends are golden—especially in our golden years. Today more and more seniors are offering a helping hand to other seniors, filling in for far-away family or for...

  • wellness benefits of retirement communities
    Two Reasons to Reconsider Aging in Place
    Posted by Krista DiGeorge

    In my role with Asbury, I have daily conversations with people who are weighing moving to a retirement community versus adapting their current home to support changing...

  • When Home Is a Hazard: Assessing Fall Risk in Seniors
    Posted by Yvonne Litell

    Every 15 seconds, an older adult receives emergency room treatment for fall-related injuries, according to the National Council on Aging. In addition to broken bones,...

  • Understanding Geriatric Primary Care
    Posted by Jesse Sadikman, MD

    Much like a quarterback who organizes members of his team to carry out the game’s plays, a primary care physician coordinates all aspects of the patient’s care –...

  • Comparing Assisted Living Communities
    Posted by Carrie Brister

    Although assisted living is not a subject we’re eager to think about, embracing supportive services as we age is often the best way to maintain an active, independent...

  • Senior Home Care Services – The Basics
    Posted by Linda Wooge

    We hear from many adult children who are concerned about a parent.  They are often concerned that the living situation at home has become dangerous, but are not sure...

  • Two Brain-Boosting Recipes
    Posted by Susan Grotenhuis

    Kale and White Bean Soup With Barley

    10 cups water
    3 cups low sodium chicken stock
    ¾ cup pearl barley, rinsed & drained
    1 large onion, chopped
    2 garlic cloves
    ½ tsp...

  • 4 Tips To Make You Smarter About Your Parent’s Medicare
    Posted by Anne Tumlinson

    Anne's guest post comes to us from, a blog she founded to support and build confidence in women who are managing their parents’ care.

    “My dad doesn’t...

  • Asbury Home Services
    Holidays Visits Can Turn Up Age-Related Declines
    Posted by Patty Leuschen

    The holidays are a time when families gather. During the years I’ve spent in aging services, I've many conversations with family members concerned about Mom or Dad....

  • Remember This: When Your Loved One Has Memory Loss
    How to Connect With Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s or Dementia
    Posted by Elaine Kielman

    As someone whose profession is creating meaningful recreation for older persons experiencing memory loss or cognitive challenges, I can honestly say that I will never be...

  • When a Parent Needs Help
    Difficult Conversations: Helping a Parent Face Age-Related Declines
    Posted by Linda Wooge

    Figuring out how to sensitively handle your concerns when a parent is encountering age-related declines is, hands down, one of the greatest challenges you will face as a...

  • Unchained Melody … and Memories
    Unchained Melody … and Memories
    Posted by Susan Crossley

    For over 100 years clinicians have known that people who have lost the ability to speak can sing the words they want to say. At The Oaks Skilled Nursing at Bethany...

  • Helping an Aging Parent Downsize
    Posted by Eric Stewart

    As we get older, downsizing to a smaller residence looms large. And, downsizing can be particularly intimidating for older adults who may find it overwhelming to think...

  • Care for the Alzheimer's Caregiver
    Care for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver
    Posted by Doug Leidig

    In its simplest terms, a caregiver is a person who provides help and protection to someone. When this concerns attending to another person’s health needs, particularly...

  • Is This Home Age-Friendly? A Checklist
    Posted by Linda Wooge

    When assessing whether a home is well-suited to aging in place, there are several major areas to consider.

    This checklist is not a comprehensive review, but it’s never...

  • When an Aging Parent Needs Support
    Posted by Linda Wooge

    If you notice a parent is starting to face challenges at home, what steps should you take?
    Start by asking questions slowly – over a few days or a week. If you live...

  • long-term care
    Assisted Living and Long-Term Care: A Primer
    Posted by Jamie Yockin

    Long-term care isn’t a topic most of us want to think about. As a health care admissions director for Bethany Village continuing care retirement community, I educate...

  • Reducing caregiver stress
    Reducing Caregiver Stress
    Posted by Karen Bruner

    Study after study has documented the heavy toll of caregiving. With it come psychological and physical effects, and depending on the amount and level of care a person is...

  • aging parents, long-term care
    Five Common ‘Myth-Understandings’ About Aging Parents
    Posted by Cathy Ritter

    I know a lot of people who already are helping an older parent – and even more who are keeping fingers crossed, hoping mom and dad stay healthy. I also know some who...

  • The Heart of Quality: Person-Centered Care
    Posted by Andrew Applegate

    Awards and recognitions are wonderful things, and over the years, Asbury Solomons has received a number of them:  The Leading Edge Award for the Calvert County Business...

Useful Resources for Helping Your Parent or Spouse

Alzheimer’ is the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ website providing planning, treatment and caregiver information. 

Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center is an information clearinghouse on the NIH National Institute on Aging’s website.

ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center includes a searchable database of respite providers and other helpful respite-related resources.

Caregiver Action Network provides free education, peer support, and resources to family caregivers.

Eldercare Locator is a service of the U.S. Administration on Aging.

Health in Aging was created by the American Geriatrics Society. This list of aging-related topics and resources is organized alphabetically.

The National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information is a comprehensive website created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Click here to see the website’s resources on end-of-life and other important legal documents. is the “official U.S. Government site for Medicare."

A Preventing Falls at Home Checklist can be downloaded from this CDC webpage.

This resource allows you to find physicians in your area who accept Medicare patients and compare their quality.

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