The Asbury Group IT

Software solutions for the CCRC market

Through the years, information technology has become increasingly integral to business operations. With so many software solutions available on the market today, choosing the right one is a difficult task. The Asbury Group’s team of professionals specializes in technology for CCRCs and has developed a proprietary package of software solutions that address all facets of the senior community business operation. Through consulting services, site analysis and preparation, application design and documentation of specifications, our seasoned experts in CCRC technology can help you solve a variety of challenges including:

  • Timely access to mission-critical information, dashboards and business intelligence
  • Reliable hardware and software support from certified technicians
  • Off-the-shelf vs. custom software
  • Ability to integrate and bridge different software packages
  • Maintaining and monitoring data integrity
  • Staying current with technology advances; knowing when to skip a generation to avoid the turmoil of constant transitions
  • Replacement plans for hardware/software that integrate with financial projections
  • Outsourcing vs. insourcing IT functions
  • Business continuity security and data backup
  • Educating users and document processes in user-friendly language
  • Interest in and ability to enter into strategic partnerships

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"We’ve created software solutions that address all facets of running senior-living communities, and our expert IT team takes the worry out of implementing them.”

Dave Baker, President The Asbury Group IT