The Asbury Group Marketing

Marketing support for CCRCs

Getting the right audience to learn about your community is the key to your long-term success. The Asbury Group’s marketing team can help you create an integrated, focused and consistent marketing and sales effort to successfully launch a community and sustain occupancy. With the right marketing tools in place, your community’s benefits can include:

  • Effective, qualified lead generation
  • Well-planned and targeted advertising and public relations campaigns
  • A properly trained sales staff that closes the deal
  • Understanding of both marketing and sales disciplines
  • Accountability for meeting expectations
  • Roadmap for success with specific tactics, responsibilities and timelines
  • Better perception in the marketplace
  • Low sales staff turnover
  • Seamless transition from initial marketing campaign to ongoing efforts that maintain or increase census
  • Ability to manage resident expectations of service quality
  • Consistent, effective communications with prospective and current residents

The Asbury Group marketing team will provide your community with insight and guidance that encompasses every phase of the marketing effort.