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The Asbury Edge
The Asbury Edge
Redefining the expectations of aging through the delivery of life-enhancing services

We'd like to introduce you to another member of our leadership team.

Greetings From the
Chief Operating Officer

Doug Leidig

For more than 80 years, Asbury has been offering services within our continuing care retirement communities and beyond that enable older persons to Anticipate More as they age. This Vision is the compass that charts a course for the decisions we make each day and the services we provide.

We have much to share.
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The Heart of the Matter

Pilot Program Tackles a Challenging Disease With Technology

Almost 5 million Americans have congestive heart failure, and in the 65-plus age group, one fifth of all hospitalizations have congestive heart failure as a primary or secondary diagnosis, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Now, a pilot program between Wilson Health Care Center at Asbury Methodist Village and Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Montgomery County, Md., is gathering data on how electronic monitoring can improve care for people who have this condition – both within Asbury Methodist Village and in the greater community.

The system, called e-Medical Passport, monitors key areas related to heart distress, such as blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and weight. Participants are trained to use the monitoring devices once a day, and reports are automatically sent to attending physicians, allowing them to quickly spot changes that could become harmful if not addressed. Continue reading...

Is Your Home Age-Friendly?

A Checklist

When assessing whether a home is well-suited to aging in place, there are several major areas to consider.

This checklist is not a substitute for a professional review, but it’s never too early to think about this issue. Beginning this process after a crisis has already occurred is stressful and sometimes too late. Click here to see how your home – or the home of a loved one – stacks up.

Asbury Home Services provides home assessments in the areas it serves.

Building Our Communities

Today’s U.S. home is roughly twice the size of its 1950s counterpart. Though people moving to a senior living community expect to downsize, expectations regarding living space have changed.

With this in mind, Bethany Village and Springhill are embarking on significant campus renovation and expansion plans to ensure their communities retain their positions as regional leaders in senior living. The Asbury Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable organization which utilizes donations to fund Asbury communities’ Benevolent Care programs and support campus enhancements, is spearheading the fundraising campaigns.

“It’s always an adjustment to move from a larger space to a smaller one,” says Doug Myers, President of The Asbury Foundation. “It certainly helps when you can anticipate moving into a new community with plenty of bright, open spaces to congregate, exercise and host or attend a class or event. The Asbury Foundation is so grateful to the many generous residents, family members and Asbury stakeholders who are helping us redefine the expectations of aging.”

For more information, please visit, TheAsburyFoundation.org/campaigns.

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Gone Fishing: What Wellness Looks Like From a Wheelchair

Bobby Williams is a 92-year-old veteran who doesn’t ask for much. So when he told a staff member at Bethany Village that he wished he could fish in a creek, she really wanted to be able to make that happen. The hitch? Bobby hadn’t fished in decades – and he’s in a wheelchair. One month later, Bobby rolled waist-high into Pennsylvania’s Yellow Breeches Creek with waders, tackle and lots of stocked, hungry trout. VIDEO

After lunch with local fly fishermen and an hour of fishing under a bright, turquoise sky, Bobby, a reserved man who nevertheless has no problem stating his opinion when asked, gave the day a typically Bobby-like endorsement.

“I got my feet wet and I didn’t catch any fish, but it’s just like always,” Bobby says. “You don’t catch fish just because you want to catch them. You can’t change the world because you don’t like things. But I said I was going to try and I did.” Continue reading...

Beloved Communities: March on Washington

What do you get when you mix together three generations, several cultures, one man committed to being a force for good and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? A 50th Anniversary March on Washington Beloved Community-style.

On August 28, the Beloved Community’s founder Rev. Hal Garman and other Initiative members led several dozen children and teens to the site of King’s historic speech, enabling them to be a part of the event commemorating a struggle for social justice that continues today.

“Over the past 50 years, the emphasis of Dr. Martin Luther King’s mission has shifted from improving relations between African-Americans and whites to racial equality for all,” says Garman, 77. “Our Beloved Community initiative brings together whites, Latinos, African-Americans and children who were born in a variety of countries, representing the challenges American society faces in integrating various cultures today and demonstrating a successful path to making it happen.” As a doctoral student at Boston University in the early 1960s, Garman studied under many of the same people who were advising King at the time. His dissertation was essentially a call to action for ministers to engage in the Civil Rights movement. Continue reading...

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2013 Caring Classic Raises More Than $100K for Asbury Benevolent Care

Regardless of whether they had a successful round golf-wise, participants in The Asbury Foundation’s 2013 Caring Classic Golf Tournament all agreed the day couldn’t have been better. The weather was crisp and sunny, the Whiskey Creek Golf Club was beginning to show its fall foliage and the spirit of giving and fellowship was evident at every hole.

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