Innovation in wellness

All Asbury residents have access to Sodexo’s unique HealthAbility™ wellness program. While many wellness programs focus on physical fitness, the HealthAbility program is rooted in a belief that five other aspects of well-being deserve equal attention – social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and vocational. By focusing on all aspects of a full life, people gain motivation and inspiration each day through Asbury’s wellness program.

“This generation is saying, ‘Hey, my life is just beginning, and I want to do something with it.’ ”
Cathy Richards, Asbury Director of Lifestyle & Wellness

Currently, nearly 75 percent of those residing in Asbury’s independent living neighborhoods take part in HealthAbility programs. Participation among assisted living residents grew from 74 percent to 93 percent between 2010 and 2011. System-wide, yearlong participants reported such gains as:

  • 13 percent increase in upper body strength
  • 13 percent increase in lower body flexibility
  • 18 percent increase in improved balance
  • 93 percent reported laughing at least once a day
  • 87 percent felt greater hope for the future
  • 87 percent felt more connected and engaged
Improve your health in every way with HealthAbility
Improve your health in every way with HealthAbility