Benevolent Care

A lifetime of security

Part of the security of an Asbury community is knowing that – should you outlive your financial resources through no fault of your own – you will always have a place to live along with access to services and care.

Benevolent Care, funded by the not-for-profit Asbury Foundation provides assistance with monthly fees, food, medical care, medications and health insurance. It can also assist with payment for dental, hearing and eye care services. Participation in this program is strictly confidential.

“Benevolent care, and the peace of mind it provides, is central to Asbury’s mission.”

Doug Myers, President & CEO of the Asbury Foundation

Gifts to the Asbury Foundation designated for Benevolent Care are a key to helping fulfill the Asbury promise. Asbury is a not-for-profit corporation that does not receive housing subsidies from state or federal governments. At all Asbury communities, residents take an active role in raising funds for Benevolent Care, whether through fundraising initiatives or direct contributions. All gifts made to a specific Asbury community are restricted for the benefit of that community and its residents.