Guiding Asbury's Mission and Future

The Asbury Communities Board of Directors represents the Asbury parent corporation, which provides management services to its related organizations. As directors of a not-for-profit organization, board members ensure that Asbury fulfills its mission and tax-exempt purpose, as well as meets its obligations to all of its constituencies. The board is the primary force guiding Asbury to the realization of its mission to “do all the good we can” for the older adults it serves.

Board duties include strategic planning, reviewing organizational structures and system operations, monitoring Asbury’s growth plans, ensuring transparency of audit information and other financial reports.

Asbury owes a debt of gratitude to these dedicated volunteer members who bring insight, leadership and commitment to the organization. 

The full 2017 Board of Directors for Asbury Communities, Inc. includes:

  • Carolyn Stamatakis, Chair
  • Robert Boyd, Vice Chair
  • Robert Burke
  • Annice Cody
  • Nellie Cole
  • Jeff Ernico
  • Thomas Holets
  • Lou Grammes
  • Larry Parks
  • Nick Serenyi
  • Lorraine Sexton
  • Doug Leidig, Ex-Officio Voting
  • Baltimore Washington Conference, Ex-Officio Non-Voting Advisor