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A Message of Gratitude from Doug Leidig, President & CEO

Business as usual looks a lot different now than it did a few weeks ago. We are adapting to the reality of this pandemic daily, and while no one knows how long it will last, one thing is for sure: as an organization, we are stronger than ever. I come to work each morning invigorated by your efforts to minimize the risk of COVID-19, and to create opportunities for residents and families to engage in different ways. I encourage you to share your own examples through We will share them via Facebook – highlighted below – and our website.

Letters and comments of appreciation are pouring in. From a son: “If we didn’t consider you all to be family before this, we certainly do now.” This letter from a Springhill family member is also powerful. Residents understand the incredible effort you are making, too. In Kingsport, Tenn., they stood on their balconies and sang hymns to associates as they arrived and left work. I, too, respect and admire you. I know you are doing heroic work. Thank you for making us #AsburyStrong.

Image credit: Jessica Mrozinski.

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