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Retirement Counselor Katie DavisKatie Davis

Director of Sales & Marketing

“Having worked in the downsizing and relocation profession for many years, I helped quite a few of my clients move to Asbury Methodist Village. I was always impressed by the community and the people who live and work here. It’s exciting to now be a part of that.”

Phone: 301-216-4820Email Katie

Lee duFief DePont

Retirement Counselor

“Asbury is a special place and this is a truly special job. Working with clients to help them through a challenging process, and then seeing how much and how quickly they enjoy their new home is very rewarding.”

Phone: 301-216-4328 | Email Lee

Karen Orem

Retirement Counselor

“Asbury is such a beautiful campus with incredibly active, engaged residents. I’m honored to introduce clients to the lifestyle and help them make the happy transition to residency. This is an exceptional community. It’s hard to realize how positively the move will impact your life until you experience it.”

Phone: 301-216-4110 | Email Karen

Diane Robinson

Retirement Counselor

“It’s feels great to be able to provide people with the information they need to make such an important decision, and to see them settle into their new home and begin enjoying the new friends and all the benefits that come with living at Asbury Methodist Village.”

Phone: 301-216-5997 | Email Diane


Move-in Coordinator Alanna OdenAlanna Oden

Move-In Coordinator
“I love being part of such an energetic team dedicated to helping people embark on a new lifestyle, new friendships, and new adventures. Talking to new residents and hearing how much they love Asbury and all of the new opportunities they now have is very rewarding!”

Phone: 301-216-4005 | Email Alanna

Fran Ricketts

Marketing Coordinator

“I feel so fortunate to be a part of this energetic, creative team.”

Phone: 301-216-4100 | Email Fran

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