Asbury Methodist Village at a Glance

Sweeping meadows. Wooded walking paths. Classic brick buildings standing amid flowering cherry trees. Step onto the the 134-acre campus of Asbury Methodist Village and experience a community filled with the energy the energy and warmth that comes from people living together with purpose and fellowship.

As the largest continuing care retirement community in Montgomery County, Md., Asbury Methodist Village is a vibrant senior living community with the feel of a college campus. It’s located in one of Forbes’ top 25 suburbs for retirees, and offers a green oasis within walking distance of shops, helpful services and convenient public transportation – all just 20 miles from Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1926 as a Methodist care home for the aged, Asbury Methodist Village was the cornerstone of Asbury Communities, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit aging services organizations, serving more than 4,300 seniors in three states.

Although no longer a formal part of the Methodist Church, Asbury Methodist Village – and Asbury Communities – remains committed to the ethical principles and spirit of service to others inherent in our historical roots while welcoming people of all cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.

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About Our Thriving, Resident-Driven Community

Resident-Driven: Residents play an integral role in planning, creating and organizing what happens on our campus. Residents and associates work together to ensure that a wide variety of interests are always represented, and that there are options available for residents to continue their current interests and discover new ones, too.

The Community Advisory Committee: This group is made up of regional leaders and Asbury residents. Partnership Advisory Committees (PACs) serve as representatives for their building and work with leadership to develop programs and address other service initiatives.

Whatever your background or interest level, there are opportunities to lead or support Asbury’s efforts to make life here interesting, active and full of exciting opportunities to get involved.

Coordinating Council Asbury Village: The Coordinating Council of Asbury Village (CCAV) provides a convenient and accessible means of communication and cooperation between residents and Asbury Methodist Village Administration. Meetings offer a public opportunity to present and discuss items of interest to residents. The meetings are attended by the Officers of CCAV, the PACs, Resident Co-Chairs, two resident representatives from each Resident Council, and Asbury Methodist Village leadership. All residents are encouraged to attend.

The Asbury Purpose Defined

Mission: Exploring possibilities to live your best life.

Guiding Principle: Doing all the good we can with integrity, transparency, and grace.

Stewardship and financial strength: We serve by fulfilling our not-for-profit obligations, while maintaining adequate resources that keep our commitments to residents and future mission.

Quality and innovation: We will deliver excellent service and performance, while we seek creative solutions to ensure each succeeding generation of seniors achieves a better and more meaningful life.

Integrity: We will be uncompromising in our honesty and commitments.

Developing and Supporting Excellence

While Asbury promotes the uniqueness of each of its communities, it develops and supports corporate initiatives to promote excellence throughout the entire system. As an Asbury community, Asbury Methodist Village draws part of its strength from the expertise, commitment and resources available to a respected national provider of senior services.

Asbury Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that secures philanthropic support for benevolent care for qualified residents who have outlived their resources through no fault of their own and to enhance the quality of life for those served by the Asbury system of communities.

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