Residential Living Entrance Fee Plans

Our entrance fees range from $210,000 to $380,000, and monthly fees from $2,000 to $2,800. When you fully consider the costs of home ownership and all that is included in the Asbury Place lifestyle, you may be surprised by how affordable senior living can be! Download our residential pricing below.

90% Refundable Plan

With this plan, you receive a 90% refund of your entrance fee*, payable to you or your estate, at the time you are no longer a resident of Asbury Place Maryville. This entrance fee plan allows you to predict the amount of your refund while helping to preserve your assets. Additional details can be found in our pricing plans document.

Standard Plan

Entrance fees for this plan are partially refundable during the first 60 months you live at Asbury. The refund decreases by 1.667% per month of residency, until after 60 months, there is no refund. This plan offers the lowest entrance fees, making it the most affordable way to enjoy the Asbury Place Maryville lifestyle.

Why Is an Entry Fee Needed?

Even though your residence in a continuing care retirement community is maintenance-free, the community itself is not. Entrance fees help provide funds for upkeep, enhancements, and the wide range of services and staff that a well-run community requires. Entrance fees ensure a well-maintained and engaging place to call home for the rest of your life.

Unlike many other senior living options, continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, provide quality, on-site healthcare services should your needs ever change – all while supporting the continued availability of the amenities you love.

Explore Our Entrance Fee Details

Interested in life at our community? Click here to download an exclusive plan pricing guide to help you with your decision.

*Generally, the entrance fee is refunded when your residence is re-occupied by a resident who pays a new entrance fee. Specific terms regarding the refund of entrance fees are contained in the Residency Agreement. Carefully read the Residency Agreement for the conditions that must be satisfied before Asbury is required to pay the entrance fee refund.

Pricing Guide - Standard Entrance Fee

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