How to Help an Aging Loved One

Asbury Place Maryville Assisted Living Memory Care

Are you noticing these worrisome signs of age-related declines?

  • Increased house clutter: A major indicator of a person’s well-being when it is not the norm, piles of clothes, cluttered countertops, or old food in the fridge are signs of mobility or cognitive issues or a lack of energy.
  • Trouble walking: A shuffling gait, unsteadiness, and holding onto things are indicators of balance and mobility declines that can lead to falls.
  • Financial issues: Falling behind on financial matters and bills, as well as donations to unknown organizations, odd credit card payments and checks need immediate attention.

See our articles on Difficult Conversations, Keys to Quality Assisted Living, and Assisted Living Versus Nursing Care below. We are happy to share our resources and experience – and guide you through what can be a challenging process. Contact Rita Kriss at (865) 238-8318 or select Asbury Place Maryville in the form.

For more than 30 years, Assisted Living at Asbury Place Maryville has been providing safe solutions to complex problems with loving care.

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Husband of resident

The staff at Asbury Place have been so wonderful to work with since moving my wife here. They are caring, patient and always make my wife feel comfortable when assisting with her personal needs. Her nurse is helpful, kind, and compassionate. He always goes out of his way to keep me informed.

Daughter of resident

I was told by an outside provider that my 89-year-old father had to be moved as soon as possible to assisted living at Asbury. The fine folks there went above and beyond in a complicated situation. Employees worked into the weekend to make sure that his new suite had essential furniture and a working TV, and she added decorative touches. The staff have been incredibly kind, compassionate, and helpful over the past couple of years. They are my heroes.

Daughter of residents

When my mother developed memory issues, Asbury Place was there, helping us understand what to expect and ensuring she got the care she needed. Now that my father is in need of memory support, I am so thankful to have Alpine House. It’s a huge help for me, knowing that anything he needs is right there.

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