What Asbury Place Maryville Residents Say …

There’s always something interesting going on at Asbury Place Maryville, where the beauty of nature and the warmth of this thriving community intersect. Keep reading to hear what residents have to say about life in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains.

Diane Ivens (daughter of Bob Heisinger)

"Anything he wants, it's right here."

“Having my parents move to Asbury Place years ago has made such a difference for me and for my brother. They really enjoyed being part of the residential community and then, when my mom developed memory issues, my father received a lot of help from the staff. We could not have supported her at home during her later years. The continuum of health services has been such a blessing.

They both moved to The Alpine House for assisted living memory care, and it’s such a relaxing place. It’s beautiful and really looks like a private home. My dad is an engineer. He’s used to doing things for himself, and he always said he did not want to be a burden to me and my brother. I come and visit, but I know that when I’m not there, he’s receiving what he needs, too.

It takes a special kind of person to be there every day with a smile on your face. The caregivers are trained for this. Anything he wants, it’s right here.”

Diane Ivens (daughter of Bob Heisinger)

Dorsey Wolliver

"I love every one of the staff, and I’ve made some good friends here"

“When I saw the mountains from my apartment window, I knew Asbury Place was for me. I love every one of the staff, and I’ve made some good friends here. I would definitely recommend it.”

Dorsey Wolliver

Marie and Fred Ibbetson

"There’s a sense of community and belonging that’s very special."

“We first came to Asbury Place with friends from our church who were looking at the community for themselves and wanted our opinion,” Marie says. “We weren’t even thinking about moving at that point. We went home that night, and Fred said, ‘You know, this might be an idea for us.’ A few months later we moved into a cottage. After six years we can still say it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We now have the security to know we will have care when we need it for the rest of our lives, we have a very active lifestyle here and, best of all, we have made wonderful new friends.

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Marie and Fred Ibbetson

"We spent two years putting together a list of communities we wanted to tour and when we visited Asbury Place, we stopped looking."

As a pathologist, Bob Richmond is methodical about his research. So, when it came time to investigate the pros and cons of a retirement community, his methods mirrored his life’s work. “We spent two years putting together a list of communities we wanted to tour,” says Bob, “When we visited Asbury Place, we stopped looking.” The couple put a deposit on a new apartment in a building that had yet to break ground. They came out weekly to check on the progress and eagerly watched the construction. After 18 months of waiting, Bob and Kathleen moved into their two-bedroom apartment during the summer of 2012. “I love the sense of community that exists here,” says Bob, 82. “It’s great to live in a place where you’re not isolated from your neighbors.”

Bob Richmond

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