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Why Asbury Gives for #GivingTuesday

Why Asbury Gives for #GivingTuesday

#asburygives logoOn Giving Tuesday, Asbury Foundation will launch our associate campaign, #AsburyGives. At events around Asbury’s retirement communities, we will ask team members to share why they support the Asbury Foundation.

For some, it may be an example set by their parents. For many, it may be that they feel blessed and want to pass that on. For all, it is that they have come to love the residents they serve every day.


Creating a home

For the vast majority of Asbury associates, their workday is in someone else’s home. When they make a gift to Asbury Foundation for their community’s benevolent care program, they are enabling someone to remain in the home they love with the new family they have built or afford life-saving prescriptions and care. They are helping to preserve their pride and dignity.

Many of the benevolent care recipients have outlived all of their family. We are their family.

The Asbury family

When we ask associates what they enjoy most about their job, the first answer is always, “the residents.” They share wisdom – and they have a lot –they have earned. They tell us stories of hardships they overcame and remind us that we can do the same. They never fail to inspire us by continuing to give their time and energy to help their neighbors and the greater community. They are cheerful, caring presences in our daily lives.

Because benevolent care is confidential, associates may not realize that they are helping someone who has lifted them up in the past.

Why I give

I give – and work in the field of philanthropy – in large part because of my father. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of my father writing a check each Sunday morning and placing the offering envelope in the plate as it was passed down our aisle. After he died, a church member shared that he had also helped support their family through tough times.

Like most fathers, mine was a busy man. He worked full time, worked around our house, and made himself available to my brother and sister after work and on weekends.

My dad was active in the PTA, the Boy Scouts and many other civic organizations. He didn’t lecture. That wasn’t his style. But he would take every opportunity to reflect on the fact that things we took for granted, such as a good family dinner, were not shared by all.

Through example, he showed us that you are never too busy to share your blessings with others, and that they do make a difference.

I hope you will be part of that difference on #Giving Tuesday through our #AsburyGives campaign.

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