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In the close to 100 years that Asbury has been in operation, our organization and our industry have undergone an evolution. Yet in the midst of that, our Mission to do all the good we can for those we serve has remained constant due to the talent, dedication, and compassion of our associates.

I see our Mission play out in thousands of daily interactions between the associates and the community residents and home care clients they serve. Their camaraderie, laughter and caring tell me that our Mission is not just a statement: it is something associates live each and every day.

It was evident in the 2017 Asbury Associate Survey where nearly 90 percent said they “had an opportunity to impact someone’s life for the better.”

And in the above-industry-average number of associates who answered positively to questions around the value of continuous learning.

And finally, in the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) program where we recognize each other for outstanding work related to our core competencies. Since the program began in late 2016, associates have given each other more than 2,000 GEMs.

Now through May 2, the diverse members of our workforce will be sharing what brings purpose to their day in our Work Inspired campaign on Facebook.

Asbury Foundation associate Jenn Schwamb loves the fact that although she only has one living grandparent, the relationships she has developed on the job are like “having 600 more.” She wrote about the benefits that come with that in “What I’ve Learned Working with Older Adults.”

Dining manager Oscar Lopez also notes the relationships he has developed – and the scholarship funds he has received through a resident-created program at Asbury Methodist Village. “The people who live here have so many experiences to share, and they want to help you accomplish your goals,” he says. “If I’m having a bad day, it always gets better by coming to work.”

Driving these relationships are associates like the Springhill maintenance and landscaping crews, who took on a record-shattering blizzard during Christmas to ensure that residents and their family members could be together. Eric Roach worked 46 hours clearing snow from cottage driveways and campus roads and parking lots, with other associates logging 27 hours.

Their clients are not people who exist at the other end of a computer monitor or leave after a transaction is complete. They are extended family members.

Asbury’s campuses are filled with people like Eric, Jenn and Oscar, people who answered an ad for a job but quickly found that they had become part of something much larger and more meaningful.

I look forward to hearing from many more of the 2,600 associates who make up our organization throughout this campaign. And I invite you to check out our Work Inspired campaign page – and to share it with your colleagues.


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