Associates have poured their hearts into combating COVID-19 at our communities and to keeping residents connected and supported. They have done this sacred work with care, creativity, and love for those we serve.

Our commitment to organizational excellence is fueled by our valued associates. Their engagement and passion is a crucial part of our success, and during this uncertain time we want associates to know that they are not alone. We have provided additional support for associates on a professional and personal level.

  • We have disbursed more than half a million dollars in bonuses to associates whose jobs are performed as part of the core functions of our continuing care retirement communities.
  • The Asbury Foundation’s spring appeal campaign, “Mission in Motion,” expanded this year to include the COVID-19 Associate Support Fund.
  • Asbury suspends COVID-19 deductibles & co-pays: Eligible associates who have chosen health insurance through Asbury are covered for any testing or treatment related to COVID-19. In order to ensure that associates are able to make the best decisions without having to worry about costs, Asbury has instructed CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield to not collect any deductible or co-pay from covered associates when they are seeking treatment for COVID-19 or when they are tested for the disease.
  • Asbury will advance up to 80 hours of PTO to associates should they need to be off work due to an imposed self-quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, and if they do not have enough PTO to cover that time. Advancing these hours ensures that they will be paid for up to two weeks of work while out.
  • We directed Principal, our 401k partner, to update our plan to provide assistance if associates or their families have been impacted by COVID-19. This assistance includes waiving some penalties or other implications for taking a loan on your 401k.

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