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Ben Franklin: Virtual Journey Through History

Asbury Methodist Village

Nov 18, 2021 12:00 pm -   Add to Calendar >

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Join us on November 18th at 12:00PM for this don’t-miss virtual event! We’re bringing our commitment to lifelong learning and curiosity to you on this virtual journey through history.

Renowned reenactment historian Terry Lynch, as the great Benjamin Franklin, will give you a look at the founding father’s life from a different perspective. This is the perfect way to sample the stimulating lifestyle here at Asbury Methodist Village.

Terry Lynch uses his years of theatrical and improvisational training to create unique, interactive presentations that are humorous, informative and motivational. Terry has co-authored “Mistakes Happen: An Historical Guide to Overcoming Adversity,” and through his work, reminds us that even great leaders make mistakes.

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