Carol Watkins

Carol is a second generation Asbury Methodist Village resident, having followed in her parents’ footsteps in moving to the community. Arriving to the community in 2009, Carol has jumped in with both feet to life at Asbury.  She is a clear example of a person who works to give her life away to others.

The following is just a short list of the ways Carol has served Asbury Methodist Village with her time and treasure:

  • She volunteers for the Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative
  • She serves on the Nursing Scholarship and Music for the Mission Committees
  • She welcomes all new residents to Diamond with a personalized orientation, teaching them the lingo and building routines, and introducing them to others
  • Drawing on her decades of serving as an usher at many downtown D.C. theaters, she spent years leading Asbury’s Arena Stage Subscription Series, so residents might get discounts to travel to see live theater

As for her philanthropy, Carol is a dedicated and creative supporter of Asbury. If there is a way to support her friends and neighbors, she has done it:

  • She has pledged to donate her refundable parking space deposit to Benevolent Care to serve neighbors and friends in need
  • She has utilized our Life Income (Charitable Gift Annuity) program, placing some of her retirement funds into an interest-generating annuity, and leaving the balance to Benevolent Care when she passes
  • She has also pledged a percentage of her remaining estate to Benevolent Care
  • And she has made a multi-year pledge to support the Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative

The depth and generosity of Carol’s giving moved us to recognize her as an outstanding donor and volunteer with an Asbury Foundation Chairman’s Award in 2020.