Charles Ward & McCay Family

Charles Ward & McCay Family“The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music…”

The Tulsa Hills to be exact!

Inverness Village recently began a special piano restoration project on campus, and the first two pianos have been successfully restored.

In celebration of the first two restorations, The Piano Study Club of Tulsa held a concert at Inverness in November of 2011 and more than 130 guest joined the beautiful gathering!

“Each of our six pianos on campus were donated by generous friends, and are fine instruments,” shared Inverness Village Board Chair Dr. Michael Mitchell. “They each just need a bit of TLC, and we hope to get the rest of the piano all restored in the future!”

Special heartfelt thanks goes to: Charles W. Ward, Karen & Bob McCay, Dr. Paul McCay, Bob G. Seese, Norma Helen & Bob Hampton, Janet Flynn, and LLewis & Loraine Edmonson.

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