Dan and Ruth Muller

A New Marriage Defined by Helping Others

After tying the knot in June 2015, Dan and Ruth Muller have spend their first year of marriage weaving their lives together. This included merging their furniture to outfit Dan’s Villa at Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and navigating the flurry of family gathering over the holidays.

To the great fortune of their neighbors in need at Asbury, Dan and Ruth have made philanthropy a large part of what defines their marriage. Dan has called Asbury home for 14 years, and Ruth quickly joined him in his affection for the Benevolent Care Program.

When they found out that Asbury Foundation was $895 away from making its goal for Giving Tuesday last December, they each wrote a check for $447.50 to help reach the mark.

“We thought it was an easy way for us to do something fun for a good cause,” Dan said.

Dan’s dedication to the charitable gift annuity (CGA) program (he has established five serperate ones in his time as a resident) also led Ruth to establish a CGA of her own.

“It make sense for me to have the income to care of my needs while also helping my new neighbors,” Ruth said.