“What can I do to help you?”

Dick and Doris Woodall

Dick and Doris Woodall“’What can I do to help you?’  I’ve heard these words so many times from Dick and Doris Woodall,” says Melissa Carnes, Director of Development at Asbury Solomons.  “Any time I have an event, or need a helping hand with a project, the Woodalls are there with a cheerful smile.”

As with most nonprofit organizations, the Asbury Foundation relies on the support of volunteers to keep costs down while doing the work of their mission.  Campuses across the system see volunteers helping the Asbury Foundation in many ways such as serving on the Foundation Board, raising funds through campus thrift shops and gift shops, hosting financial planning seminars for residents, conducting various benefit events, sharing the Foundation message and opportunities for support, and so many other valuable support services.

At Asbury Solomons, the Woodalls help with many of the Foundation’s benefit events, from bingos to bazaars.  Whether it’s a large event or a small on-campus party, they cheerfully greet guests to the campus, bake goodies for bake sales, serve as cashiers at the campus thrift shops, help with the behind-the-scenes planning of events, distribute flyers throughout the local community, and so much more.  They not only donate their time to the Foundation, but bless the Foundation with gifts each year to help support the Benevolent Care Fund and other on-campus needs.

The Woodalls’ family is also active in the Foundation at Asbury Solomons.  Their family gives to the annual appeals, and their son participates in the annual Holiday Bazaar.  “Having the support of family members is such a vote of confidence,” says Melissa.  “We are seeing more and more family members supporting our efforts here at Asbury Solomons.  If it weren’t for the positive message sent by our residents, family members would not select us to be the beneficiary of their philanthropic efforts.  I am sure that Dick and Doris Woodall are serving as advocates of our Foundation, and I am fortunate to have their family on our list of supporters.  All of the Woodalls are wonderful people and are simply a lot of fun to be around.”

In 2012, Asbury Solomons will form a Family Spirit Team.  The group will consist of family members of Asbury Solomons residents who are interested in volunteering their time to help with Foundation events and programs.  For more information, or to join the mailing list for this team, email your contact information to Melissa Carnes at [email protected], or call 410-394-2697.