Don Grumblatt

Don GrumblattEveryone has a story to tell. Our experiences weave a tapestry of our lives and the positive impact we hope to have.

Springhill resident Don Grumblatt has many stories to share about his life, and a common thread is music. He started playing the trumpet in fifth grade and continued to play throughout high school. Don served as a sonarman with the United States Navy during WWII and was a battalion bugler during boot camp. Today, many know him as the local taps bugler! Don continues to play at military funerals as well as Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs.

Don’s story reached beyond his musical talents and volunteer service. He gives back to several nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania, including the Springhill community. While only having called Springhill home for one year, Don set up a pledge to support the Aquatic Center Phase II project to capitalize on a matching gift opportunity. Reaching even further, he is also planning a legacy story.

His legacy story will be told for generations to come through the Asbury Foundation Heritage Society. Don chose to move to Springhill because of the kind residents, the outstanding staff and the promise of continuing care through the Benevolent Care Fund. Therefore, he established a fund with the Erie Community Foundation that will provide ongoing support for Springhill’s benevolent care program. His advanced planning assures this important program will continue to help seniors in need.

Don is glad that his family can be reassured that he will be cared for at Springhill – and that through his estate plan, they will know how to carry out his story of support.

How will your legacy be told?