Gordon & Jacqui Cragg

>Life Income Enhances a Worry-Free Lifestyle

While Gordon and Jacqui Cragg were preparing to leave for a conference in Copenhagen and a cruise on the Baltic Sea this summer, they were amazed at how much more simple traveling has become since their move to Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, Maryland. No more worrying about finding someone to water the flowers or tend to the lawn. Now they even have someone reliable to feed their two cats.

Asbury Foundation’s Life Income Program has also provided Gordon and Jacqui – along with many of their new neighbors – with that same level of predictability and peace of mind when it comes to their finances.

As is the case with many new residents, Gordon and Jacqui had equity in their home of 29 years beyond the cost of their entrance fee. They used a portion of those funds to generate a tax-preferred income for the rest of their lives through a charitable gift annuity, which also provided them with an income tax deduction.

“The annuity was a way for us to diversify our finances,” Gordon and Jacqui said. “Having a reliable, fixed-rate income is a nice balance to our investments that are impacted by the markets.”