Leadership by Example – The Good Deeds of a Champion

Lois Lee

Lois Lee & Her Granddaughter“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” – John C. Maxwell

Several years ago, she quietly observed the need. She shared her soft thought with a smiling Wellness Director. She gently, generously, fulfilled the need without fanfare or fireworks. Ms. Lois Lee did not need the automatic door she had installed at the Wellness Center at Inverness Village. But, she saw that her friends did. It is a rare and beautiful occurrence in Philanthropy, when a leader steps forward to help, without even being asked. And, this is just one example of a multitude of good works Lois Lee has made possible at Inverness Village.

Longevity of friendship is another admirable trait in those leaders who “give back” as part of who they are. Since 2003, Lois Lee has been a benevolent champion. When residents began visiting about putting a bird aviary in Assisted Living, Lois Lee helped. When staff expressed the dream of an aquarium in Memory Care, Lois Lee helped. When the Inverness Library needed carts, Lois Lee helped. When Inverness embarked on a Lifestyle Enhancement Project, Lois Lee helped. When residents expressed a need for a campus bus to provide more freedom and fun to all, Lois Lee helped.

While driving on Oklahoma highways, Ms. Lee observed many beautiful wildflowers, and thought it would be nice to have some at Inverness. Last year, she made possible an entire field of wildflowers which residents enjoy now… and will in the future.

“Ms. Lee proves time and time again that ‘Love of Neighbor’ has no boundaries. Her dedication, and service, to the staff of Inverness Village is most admirable.”

We asked several staff members what they thought of when we mentioned Ms. Lee’s name – here were some of their replies: “She is illuminated from within.”… “Ms. Lee has a can-do, positive attitude that is contagious.”

Another delightful example of “Love of Neighbor” Ms. Lee extends, is to the beautiful wildlife found on Inverness Village’s 190-scre campus. Job 12:7 shares, “But ask the animals and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you.” Among other things, Ms. Lee helps make sure all the wild birds at Inverness Village have plenty to eat in the cold winter months.

Ms. Lee loves her home. If you ask her, she thinks she is in better physical shape now than when she decided to make Inverness Village her home. And, in the humble opinion of our employees and her fellow residents – it is the people like Ms. Lee who make Inverness a vibrant, loving, dynamic community.