Marjorie McFarland

Asbury Methodist Village Resident Bequeaths $1 Million

Resident Marjorie McFarland (April 29, 1915 – Nov. 18, 2009) loved life at Asbury Methodist Village. She embraced all Asbury had to offer as well as the cultural arts in the Washington area. Marjorie was a writer of Village Life, a lover of music, and a frequent volunteer and spectator of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Linda Aber, Director of Communications at Asbury Methodist Village, commented that, “Marjorie McFarland’s wisdom was only surpassed by her wit and willingness to make a strong case for things she believed in. Those things included brevity in writing style, levity in lifestyle, and a love for art, music, tennis, and life.”

Marjorie was also a loyal supporter of the benevolent care program and in July 2009 she attended a small group briefing about the For Love of Neighbor endowment campaign and wanted to help. “She asked me how to remember the fund in her will, so I provided her sample language to take to her attorney,” recalls Asbury Foundation President and CEO Doug Myers.

“Little did I know this would end up being the lead gift of our campaign.”

Marjorie McFarland had made the Asbury Methodist Village Benevolent Care Endowment Fund the residuary beneficiary of her estate. That is, after she made several specific bequests to other beneficiaries, she left the remainder of her estate to the Benevolent Care Endowment Fund.