The Art of Taking Care of Her Neighbors

Pauline Case

Pauline CaseIn May 2018, Pauline Case will celebrate 10 years of living at Springhill. And Springhill is celebrating 10 years of having her as part of the family!

Pauline has a deep appreciation for the arts and has taken advantage of all that Springhill offers. She is sure to attend outings to see the symphony and “Pops” concerts.

She is a talented artist herself and has beautified the Springhill campus with her watercolor paintings. She also supported the Benevolent Care program at Springhill by auctioning off a number of her paintings in a special sale. Lately, she has volunteered to help knit mats and blankets to benefit the homeless in Erie.

In 2017, Pauline made a generous gift of her refundable entrance fee to the Benevolent Care Program.

Pauline liked that she could help her neighbors through this type of gift without impacting her other investments or savings. She worked with her financial advisor to get the most tax benefit out of the gift. And it was easy to make by filling out a simple one-page form.

Life is better at Springhill and in Erie with Pauline. Thanks, Pauline, for all you do!