2020 Special Spring Appeal – Mission in Motion

Interested in supporting the Mission in Motion special spring appeal?

For almost a century, Asbury Communities has stood the test of time and redefined expectations of aging. From our humble beginnings to our present-day as the nation’s 17th largest senior not-for-profit organization, we’ve seen and experienced a lot. Through it all, philanthropy has been at the heart of our service.

As you know, the Asbury community has always lifted one another, inspired others, and supported opportunities to help residents live their best possible lives. This is a challenging time as the coronavirus dominates our lives. Asbury has experienced challenging times before, and we’ve not only survived but thrived, thanks to friends like you.

In these unique times, we have a special request for you. We need your help to support residents through the Benevolent Care Fund and frontline associates through our COVID-19 Associate Support Fund.

Benevolent Care provides 100% confidential support to Asbury residents when they need it most—regardless of their ability to pay. Now, more than ever, Benevolent Care is a real lifeline for residents and their families.

Additionally, we’ve established the COVID-19 Associate Support Fund to provide funds directly to frontline staff—those who work closest with our residents most vulnerable to COVID-19. When you support Benevolent Care and/or the COVID-19 Associate Support Fund, 100% of your donation stays right your community.

Will you join these friends and make a generous, tax-deductible gift to help support your Asbury family?