Asbury Foundation Heritage Society

What is the Heritage Society?

The Asbury Foundation Heritage Society is a group of our closest friends – those who through their vision and generosity seek to ensure that the highest quality of life and healthcare services will be available to future generations of Asbury residents. These friends support a tradition of caring that began decades ago with the dreams and ideals of Asbury’s first residents.

How Can You Become a Member?

Although not exhaustive, the following is a list of the most common ways you can become a Heritage Society member:

  • Include an Asbury community in your will
  • Establish a gift annuity or charitable trust
  • Gift of a refundable entrance fee
  • Name an Asbury community as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, pension plan, or IRA

The Asbury Foundation Heritage Society recognizes all donors who have included an Asbury community in their wills or estate plans. Through the Heritage Society, the Asbury Foundation expresses its appreciation to those who have made a planned gift, of any amount, for the future benefit of their friends and neighbors.

If you have already make a planned gift, and are not a Heritage Society member or have not informed us of your wishes, please contact us so that we may express our appreciation.

Benefits of Heritage Society Membership

  • Included in Heritage Society-sponsored events
  • Recognized in annual FOCUS magazine, donor recognition lists, and other commemorative ways