Asbury Place Kingsport Resident Celebrates Healthy, Happy 104th!

man standing outside in straw hat holding up finger with monarch butterfly on it
Photo Credit: Kingsport Times News photograph

The Kingsport Times News featured Asbury Place Kingsport resident, Bob Miller, as the Kingsport, TN, senior living community resident celebrates his 104th birthday!  Says the Times: “Bob has inspired all of Asbury Place’s residents to ‘Be like Bob,’ a heartfelt motto celebrating his perseverance despite his age. He is an active member of the continuing care retirement community and enjoys walking a mile every day.  Above all, Bob says that a positive attitude is the most important. ‘People are unhappy because of what’s going on between their ears,’ he said. ‘I believe in living. Enjoy life. You only have it once, so make it count,’ he says.” Read Bob’s story here!



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