Why Senior Living Is Your Path to Safety and Wellness

Close to two-thirds of the nation’s older adults have reported feeling shut-in or isolated over the past year, creating a profound impact on overall health and wellbeing. Continuing care retirement communities bring seniors together, fostering fellowship, wellness, and support. Today, senior living communities have pivoted to include online offerings in addition to distanced, in-person gatherings. In fact, each week more than 145 wellness classes are held across Asbury’s eight retirement communities!

Our success in vaccinating associates and residents is rapidly expanding opportunities to safely resume in-person dining, wellness classes, and other programs. As of 8/31/2021, Asbury has vaccinated 97 percent of older adults living at our communities, partnering with local providers to extend that protection to residents living independently, not just to those residing in assisted living and nursing. Further, to date, Asbury has conducted just over 109,132 COVID-19 tests with a positivity rate of just 0.74 percent.

10 ways Asbury has built safety into our communities

  1. Widespread resident and associate vaccinations underway with ongoing safety and screening measures in place (see our Vaccination Celebration video)
  2. Daily monitoring of local area COVID-19 activity, and regular communication with public health officials
  3. Use of appropriate cleaning and disinfecting supplies that provide the shortest kill time for viruses such as COVID-19
  4. Heightened and frequent cleaning of high-touch, high-traffic areas
  5. Physical distancing and masking in public areas and hand sanitizer stations throughout campus buildings
  6. Protective measures regularly communicated to all
  7. Monoclonal antibody therapy
  8. Solaris UV technology for room cleaning as appropriate, with pulsating UV light eliminating 99.6% of all pathogens
  9. Quarantine measures practiced as appropriate
  10. Access to and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment

Easy access to nature benefits physical and emotional well-being

Asbury’s beautiful campuses provide many opportunities to enjoy nature in solitude or with a friend through walking paths, bike trails, butterfly gardens and nature preserves. Access to fresh air and sunshine has essential health benefits for brain health and emotional wellbeing, two primary factors that can help defend against immune system deficiencies.

Spring is on its way, so get outside and try these immune-boosting strategies today!

  1. Go for a walk – the sun is a primary source for Vitamin D and activates important T cells in your immune system
  2. Pack a healthy meal to eat outside – enjoying one meal a day outside activates serotonin in your brain, an important aid in digestion and absorption of food.
  3. Read a book outside – studies show that reading improves memory by activating phonemic awareness and comprehension, relaxing the brain for better sleep.


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