The Value of Community

Senior Living and Safety During COVID-19

Learn how Asbury’s proactive approach to safety and well-being during COVID-19, which includes infection-control experts, dedicated staff, and a wealth of resources and support services, has created an outstanding record of resident safety at our retirement communities. Check back throughout this fall for more research-based articles on the benefits of senior living.

Senior Living and Safety During COVID-19

Most seniors and families say COVID-19 has made them nervous about moving now. The truth is that senior living is safer than you think. Learn more in the first of our Value of Community docuseries.

The Science Behind Senior Living and Wellness

Science is clear on the value that physical and social activity have for seniors - and how living alone makes that a challenge. Learn how senior living communities inspire a more active lifestyle.

Why a Move During COVID-19 Was the Right Move

Why did infection-control nurse Beth Shank move to an Asbury community five years earlier than planned, in the middle of a pandemic? "I could tell this place is really looking out for your safety."

Social Connection and Your Health

Countless studies support the science behind social connection in combating loneliness and promoting brain health. Staying social, safely, during COVID-19 can be a challenge for seniors living alone.

Are Retirement Communities Good for You?

A 2018 study found higher levels of wellness in several key categories among residents of continuing care retirement communities. Learn about the benefits of CCRC living here.

Choosing the Right Retirement Community

When considering a move to a retirement community, there’s a lot to learn. Take a look at the primary options for senior living and the benefits, range of services, and costs of each one.

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Spence Limbocker

When COVID first hit, It became very clear very fast that this was going to be a very, very safe place to live. We're part of a larger organization ... and they can bring an incredible amount of expertise. That's real important to know that they have people on their staff ... who have worked on similar kinds of crisis situations and bring experience and knowledge to their response.

Beth Shank

I’m a former infection-control nurse, and we decided to move here during the pandemic. Bethany Village was very proactive very early, and I respect that. Even with the safety protocols, you can still meet people. They’re out in the morning walking their dogs and carrying their masks. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly we made friends. I love it here!

Barbara Harbison

I have never felt safer. If I were in my house, I would have been totally isolated. We have had our meals, groceries, and mail delivered right to our door. Everyone is screened when they go out and when they return. Would I move here today? I wish I had moved here even sooner. I think to myself, 'What was I waiting for?'

Ron Stevenson

I thought I was in pretty good shape when I moved here, but I'm stronger physically, socially and mentally because of our move to Asbury. If I didn't live here already, I would move now, during COVID, in a heartbeat based on my experience here.

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