When Shirley Wolfe moved into Springhill seven years ago she had difficulty getting out of a chair. But when she saw how many programs were offered to residents, Shirley decided she wasn’t going to take life sitting down anymore. Within months, she was participating in Springhill’s morning aerobics classes three times a week, yoga classes twice a week, and even taking the stairs to and from her apartment home. She felt good, in fact “the best I’d felt in a long time” she says.

The most amazing part of Shirley’s story is that in 2007 she had a serious stroke, losing her ability to walk and suffering serious issues with her balance. Fortunately, Shirley had already been admitted to the hospital when the stroke really manifested itself. Further, her newfound commitment to exercise never wavered. Three hours of difficult rehabilitation three days a week ended with Shirley “feeling physically like it had never happened. The only lasting effect is that sometimes I substitute the wrong word for something.”

Now 83, she keeps her apartment’s balcony bursting with petunias, geraniums and even a hanging tomato plant, plays cards with friends, and spends lots of time spoiling her cat, Samantha. “When my previous one died, I lasted three days before heading out to the humane society,” she laughs. “I couldn’t stand not having a cat around.”

From the sound of it though, Shirley doesn’t spend all that much time in her apartment, as she describes the regular exercise classes she attends along with concerts, lectures and lunch outings to area restaurants. “I’m in a much better position now than I was before coming here. I just keep on going. I never sit back.”

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