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Committed to Your Growth

Personal & Professional Growth

Helping you grow personally and professionally

Happy, knowledgeable and healthy associates are key to any organization’s short- and long-term success. This is why Asbury is committed to providing you with multiple opportunities for personal and professional growth. Annual performance evaluations will give you feedback on how well you’re meeting your job responsibilities as well as share guidance on how to improve in your current position or advance in your career.

Associates continue to name Asbury a Great Place to Work through their responses to survey questions related to organizational trust, workplace culture, and finding meaning in your work.

See Asbury Communities’ Great Place to Work Profile.

A Learning Organization

Professionally, Asbury offers opportunities for you to enhance and expand your job skills and knowledge through career-specific classroom courses and online training. From leadership programs to a management excellence series to a robust onboarding and orientation program, these educational opportunities enable associates at all levels to be significant participants in our business. Asbury is a learning organization – a constant learning environment – that provides everyone with the tools required to become better tomorrow than they are today.

WOW! Working on Wellness

Working for Asbury gives you opportunities to improve your personal health and well-being through company-sponsored wellness initiatives. In fact, you’ll have the chance to actually improve not only your health but your paycheck. By participating in Asbury’s “WOW! Working on Wellness” program, you could earn hundreds of extra dollars in incentives. What’s even more important, you’ll also be doing great things like lowering your blood pressure and dropping unwanted pounds.

Depending on their work location, Asbury associates can have access to all of these benefits through the WOW! program:

  • Free annual health screenings and health risk assessments
  • Nationwide® Better Health lifestyle program
  • Healthy Lifestyles classes
  • WOW! Cardio Fitness Club
  • Future Footsteps Maternity program
  • Know Your Numbers class
  • Annual health and wellness fairs
  • Corporate discounts at local health and fitness center
  • Access to wellness benefits
  • Contests and incentives for employees meeting personal and program goals

At Asbury, being better at your job isn’t just about improving your technical skills, it’s also about improving how you feel. Supporting associates in their personal health and fitness goals means we can better meet the needs of residents and clients. It also can improve the quality of all of our lives and the time we spend with our friends and families.

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