Exploring Possibilities to Live Your Best Life

Anticipate More Than Senior Living

Asbury Communities dates back to 1926 when we opened a home for widowed parishioners of the Methodist Church in Gaithersburg, MD. Today, Asbury is comprised of 11 senior living communities in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, serving 4,300 seniors. Over the years, we have grown to include pharmacy services, therapy management, Living Independence for the Elderly (PACE) programs, and HUD affordable senior housing. There’s much more to Asbury than vibrant retirement living and quality senior care services.

To understand how much more, consider the words of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church,

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

Doing all the good we can means exploring exciting new opportunities to help people of all ages live their best possible lives.

It means doing more good in the regions where we operate. It means pushing the boundaries of senior wellness through innovation, technology and strategic relationships. And it means fostering an enriching, welcoming environment for those who live or work at Asbury.

At Asbury, “Anticipate More” is not just a tagline. It’s a promise we’ve been keeping for close to a century.

Our Mission

Exploring possibilities to live your best life.

Our Guiding Principle

Doing all the good we can with integrity, transparency, and grace.

Asbury Communities Strategic Blueprint

Quality Senior Living and Diversified Aging Services

  • Asbury Senior Living Communities: Quality senior living at engaging communities where people live with purpose, build new life experiences, and create a fulfilling future.
  • Asbury Foundation: 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting benevolent care and community enhancing services and projects. Benevolent care helps qualified residents who have outlived their resources through no fault of their own.
  • HUD Affordable Senior Housing
  • Albright Pharmacy Services: Providing on-campus long-term care pharmacy services.
  • Albright LIFE Centers: Providing seniors with wellness and supportive day services that foster continued independence at home.
  • EDGE Therapy Solutions: Providing comprehensive, in-house senior rehabilitation therapy management.
  • ThriveWell Tech: Empowering clients with the strategic technology roadmaps, platforms, and services they need to achieve their business goals.

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