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Although senior living communities are our main focus, the Asbury system goes beyond that in redefining aging services.

That’s because Asbury is dedicated to enhancing quality of life. Through our retirement communities and other innovative services that directly impact health or that help power the solutions that do.

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Asbury Senior Living Communities: You’re on the move, ready to embrace each new day. The burdens of home maintenance are a thing of the past, leaving you more time to spend doing the things you love with the people you care about. Asbury takes senior living options to the next level by offering charming communities where you can live with purpose, build new life experiences and create a fulfilling future.

Asbury Foundation: A 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting benevolent care and community enhancing services and projects. Benevolent Care ensures that qualified residents who have outlived their resources through no fault of their own will continue to receive care. Learn more here.

Albright LIFE Centers: Providing seniors with wellness and supportive day services that foster continued independence at home. Learn more here.

Albright Pharmacy Services: A long-term care pharmacy providing prescription-filling and delivery services for continuing care retirement communities. Learn more here.

Edge Therapy Solutions: Edge Therapy Solutions is a comprehensive, in-house senior rehabilitation therapy offering created by two leaders in aging services, Flagship Rehabilitation and Asbury Communities, Inc. With Edge, providers will see cost and operational efficiencies and retain control of their greatest asset – their staff – while gaining the resources, experience and oversight that a contracted therapy agency brings. Learn more at

ThriveWell Tech: You want to achieve critical business objectives through strategic IT planning and solutions. You also need to ensure regulatory compliance – not to mention cyber-security preparedness. Most of all, you want a plan for implementing the right people, processes and technologies to sustain and supplement your operational growth. Let us empower you with the technology and services you need to thrive.

HUD Affordable Senior Housing:

    • Forest Ridge Manor, Kingsport, TN, 38 apartments, (423) 246-1562
    • Bethany Towers, Mechanicsburg, PA, 149 apartments, (717) 766-7698
    • Warrior Run Manor, Watsonville, PA, 75 apartments; (570) 538-1033

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