Asbury Solomons Earns ICAA Spirit Award

We’re excited to share that Asbury Solomons’ Riverfest Celebration earned a Top 10 spot on the International Council on Active Aging’s Spirit Awards list for Active Aging Week 2019!

See our ICAA Spirit Award feature here.

As part of Asbury Communities, Asbury Solomons shares a Vision to be a leader in continually redefining the expectations of aging. This philosophy permeates the community’s culture and goal to expand wellness opportunities into all aspects of our community and into all levels of living. At Asbury Solomons, “active” means lots of things, from a cookout in the assisted living’s sensory garden to attending a Zumba class.

Riverfest is a perfect example of this philosophy. It’s an annual event that we timed this year to Active Aging Week. Riverfest takes advantage of our waterfront location by drawing people out to the community’s beachfront. Some residents, like Joe Nelan (81) and Tahleen Nabors (88), are fully capable of enjoying water activities like paddle boarding and kayaking, but we found that others felt more confident if Wellness Team members were on hand to assist. We took this knowledge and created a full-blown celebration, complete with music and food. Residents are encouraged to head to the river and try something new.

And we have lots of choices. But we also make sure they feel welcome to just walk down and cheer on friends if that’s their level of ability. It’s all good for the soul!

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