Bethany Village Nursing Grant Celebrates a Decade of Giving Back

BV nursesFor more than 50 years, Bethany Village has a reputation for providing quality, innovative care and services to seniors. As the need for healthcare personnel grows, the need for professional development opportunities for associates also grows in order to meet rising expectations. The Bethany Village Nursing Grant provides educational opportunities and helps attract and retain exceptional associates to provide exceptional care and services to residents.

The Nursing Grant Fund, created in 2008 by interested residents at Bethany Village, provides funds annually to those associates who support the ongoing mission of the community. Recognizing the need for further certification and college opportunities in the profession of nursing, this group of residents has generously donated their time, energy and financial resources to create, build and sustain this grant.

This is the 10th year that residents’ generosity has benefited the associates of Bethany Village. A brunch was held to celebrate the 2018 grant recipients and honor all nurses, past, present and future. Nursing school graduation photos were scattered throughout the venue to honor all of the nurses who are proud to have served and who now call Bethany Village home. Distinguished speakers from across the Asbury system attended the brunch to share insights on the importance of the fund and to pay tribute to the donors who make it possible. Since the Fund launched at Bethany, two additional Asbury communities have started similar programs with the Foundation’s support.

With a nod to the grant’s 10th anniversary, the Nursing Grant Committee awarded a total of $10,000 to the five recipients of 2018 grants. Since the fund’s inception, the committee has awarded over $76,000 to 42 deserving associates.

The Bethany Village Nursing Grant is funded entirely by donations from residents and associates. It is with their great vision and leadership that the community is able to offer this wonderful personal development opportunity. With a renewed focus on securing gifts to endow the Bethany Village Nursing Grant Fund, the committee looks forward to advancing the growth of associates for decades to come.

“It has been an exciting experience to be involved with the grant program since its inception. To know that I have contributed to the quality of care for our seniors in this way has been most gratifying.” – Karen Lamb, Resident /Committee Member

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