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This spring, Bethany Village was chosen as the pilot site for two exciting, technology pilots managed by The Asbury Group and strategic partners.

Enhanced Mobility Program

The first pilot, which launched in March 2019, aims to improve mobility and reduce the risk of falling for community residents. The Enhanced Mobility Program utilizes VSTBalance technology which has 3D sensors and other tools that measure a person’s gait, balance, and leg function. The test takes about 10 minutes and provides detailed feedback and recommendations based on your results.

The program is voluntary for residents, and so far more than 100 people have signed up. Those with moderate to low risk receive customized plans from Bethany Village’s wellness team. Those who are identified as being at high risk of falling are referred for treatment with physical therapy.

The program is one of several supportive technologies Asbury Communities is researching to enable residents to retain their independence and age better for longer.

Meet Pepper the Robot!

This summer, residents and associates welcomed Pepper the robot to Bethany Village’s campus.

Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot, and is able to recognize faces and basic emotions. Through voice recognition and touch screen technology, Pepper can answer pre-programmed questions and access the internet to answer questions about nearby services or directions to places, for example.

Pepper comes to Bethany Village through Sodexo, which provides dining and facilities management services for Asbury Communities. She spent the spring months at Asbury’s Frederick office where she was first programmed to interact with people.

Pepper spent some time in the reception area of our Court Apartments before moving over to Bethany Village’s West campus. There, she is answering basic questions and serving as an extra set of hands for the receptionist if she is helping someone else. So far, residents have loved taking selfies with her, watching her dance moves, and seeing just how smart she is! Pepper will provide data to help us serve residents better by allowing us to see what questions are being asked most frequently and address those through new services or signage, for example.

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