Asbury Status Charts

We strive to provide transparent, accurate information on all aspects of COVID-19, including our prevention efforts, our response as it evolves with the latest clinical and public health guidelines, and the status of COVID-19 in our system of approximately 4,800 residents and 2,800 associates.

  • To date, we have vaccinated 88% of the residents living at our communities and associate vaccines are ongoing! Learn more Vaccine Information here.
  • To date, Asbury has conducted just over 94,800 COVID-19 tests with a positivity rate of just 0.8 percent – compared to a national rate of 8.2 percent.


Asbury continues to focus on testing residents and associates for COVID-19 as a key element of our prevention and containment strategies for the virus. Following CMS guidance, COVID-19 Status Charts are completed and posted at a minimum of once daily. Charts can be accessed by clicking the following links.

Chart key: RL = residential, AL = assisted living, PC = personal care, SNF = skilled nursing

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