Asbury Celebrates Older Americans Month 2024

Join Us as We Redefine How Society Views Aging

May is Older Americans Month, and at Asbury, we’re celebrating. But this year, our celebrations have a serious purpose: Addressing ageism. Our “Senior Moments – Redefined” campaign will be showcasing senior moments for what they really are – people being people. Across Asbury’s senior living communities we see countless examples of older adults volunteering in the community and helping their friends and neighbors; learning new skills; having new adventures; and enjoying what they love. Nationwide, their contributions are impossible to quantify.

View some #seniormoments redefined below!

It’s past time to change the way society views aging, said Asbury President & CEO Doug Leidig in a recent article: “Stereotypes have consequences we can’t afford, especially as our aging population increases. Did you know that a Georgia State University study found that older adults who were viewed as cognitively or physically impaired performed below their actual abilities on tasks? We don’t have to look hard to see that society’s ageist perceptions affect how we view ourselves as we age. And that, in turn, can impact how we age.” Read Doug’s full article here.

We invite you to share your own senior moments on your favorite social media platform. And, thank you for helping Asbury redefine how society views aging!