2023 ICAA Award Winning Senior Well-Being

Asbury senior living is proud to have earned the number one spot for senior wellness from the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA). Out of 25 total winners across North America, three Asbury senior living communities earned ICAA NuStep 2023 Beacon Awards: Asbury Solomons (#1); Asbury Methodist Village (#8); and Asbury Springhill (#17 ). In recognition of his leadership, Asbury CEO Doug Leidig earned the 2023 Pinnacle Award for his vision to create a wellness culture across the Asbury organization. Congratulations to our innovative well-being professionals, enthusiastic residents, and so many others within who are leading the way to make our senior living communities well-being destinations.

Asbury Solomons Riverfest Tahleen Nabors
four seniors sitting in chairs outside, one of them playing an instrument
asbury solomons resident harlan higgins kayaking
group of seniors in pool doing water aerobics
two seniors at asbury solomons bird watching off the pier
crane overtop a beautiful water view
seniors at a picnic table having a crab feast
asbury methodist village's rock wall wide shot
woman climbing rock wall
boxing studio at asbury wellness center
senior woman gray hair wearing a vest playing with the smart fit machine, drumstick in hand
older woman with middle aged school girl playing board games together
senior woman white hair playing guitar for two young children
black and white woman in the pool, at the edge, smiling at the camera
three seniors in a garden looking at flowers
Springhill wellness employee and five senior woman stand on shore of lake erie while on urban poling walk
two senior women walk the wooded nature park trail with a dog
two senior women stand by a man on a three wheeled bike looking at a dog
a fitness trainer helps position a senior woman during an outdoor yoga class

EngAge Well at Asbury

EngAge Well is Asbury’s commitment to creating opportunities for older adults to move better, feel better, connect, and experience more. Central to this is Kinnections Brain Health, a cognitive health assessment and targeted follow-up program created by Sue Paul, occupational therapist and Senior Director of Well-Being and Brain Health. Learn more about EngAge Well, our senior brain health program, and our holistic senior wellness programming on this page.

chart explaining asbury's wellness program with the six dimensions of wellness and goals to move better, feel better, connect more, experience more

EngAge Well with Asbury Senior Living

Senior Director of Well-Being and Brain Health, Sue Paul, recently shared important strategies and information about senior cognitive health in Asbury’s EngAge Your Brain video series. View our senior wellness videos and blog posts featuring the expertise of Asbury’s well-being professionals below. Learn more about Asbury Solomons in Solomons, MD, Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, MD, and Asbury Springhill in Erie, PA.

Read the 2023 ICAA NuStep Awards press release.

Kinnections Brain Health at Asbury

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