A former wildlife biologist for the state of Pennsylvania, John Kriz always enjoyed the solitude that nature brings. But after retiring from his profession and lacking the social interaction of the workplace, John found his bachelor lifestyle changing from solitude to isolation.

“I don’t know if I consciously thought I was lonely,” John says. “But after moving to Springhill, I realized that I would sometimes go two or three days without talking to anyone for more than a few seconds at a store on on some errand. Now, every time I turn around there is a friendly face to say ‘hello’ to or friends to chat with. It was only after I moved that I realized how lonely I had been.”

Now a member of Springhill’s hospitality committee, John welcomes new residents to the community, showing them the in’s and out’s of campus life. In June, John put his handyman skills to use building raised garden beds with three other residents in Springhill’s woodshop. View John’s work here.

John still enjoys his solitude, and can be found taking advantage of Springhill’s wooded campus and pond for long walks. But he’s quick to point out that residents here have the best of both worlds – continued independence with the security of knowing someone is nearby if a need arises or you just find yourself in need of a little conversation.

A Korean War veteran, John served as a ‘typhoon chaser’ tracking storms for the U.S. Air Force during the war. 

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