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You can always anticipate more at Bethany Village, whether that means tending tomatoes in the communal garden or enjoying a game of volleyball in the pool. Keep reading to learn what residents and associates have to say about life in this close-knit community.

"The associates who work at Bethany are here for the right reasons - they enjoy working with others and serving others."

Bethany Village Security & Safety associate Marv Brubaker says his work at Bethany Village and the relationships he develops with residents and fellow associates bring purpose to his life. Watch Marv's recent video interview and hear his thoughts on the people who live and work here.

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Associate Marv Brubaker

"The residents are so genuine ... when they're talking to you and they open their home. It is living in a community and having community fellowship."

Jim and Ginny Wilt came to Bethany Village for the first time after receiving an invitation to an event. As soon as they drove on campus, they realized they had found the solution to continuing to age independently while gaining new advantages and opportunities. "I feel that we can and have been really active at Bethany," Jim says. There are many opportunities that I didn't realize existed."

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Jim and Ginny Wilt

Art and Cindy Lindsay

"I thought I would miss our big house, but it just really feels like home here."

For everyone who has thought about moving to a retirement community only to think they’re still too young, Art Lindsay has one thing to say: “That’s a huge mistake.”

Art moved to Bethany when he was 72 and wife Cindy was still working. They chose to keep their second home near the Appalachian Trail.

“We first came here to visit relatives who moved when they began having health difficulties. I thought it was a shame that they waited too long to take advantage of all the community’s amenities. There were so many benefits that came with a move here – the Fitness Center, the community gardens, and clubs, the woodworking shop, the whole package. But you have to be able to enjoy them.”

“To be honest, I thought I was going to just put up with it here, but I’ve loved it,” says Cindy, who is 10 years younger than Art. “I thought I would miss our big house, but it just really feels like home here.”

Art and Cindy Lindsay

Susan Stiller

"I certainly don’t miss the stress and work of home ownership."

When Susan Stiller was comparing retirement living options in the Mechanicsburg, Pa., area, it was – surprisingly – Bethany Village’s annual snow tubing and water tubing trips that tipped the scale for her. So, she downsized from a 1,600-square-foot home to a one bedroom West Apartment.

“I felt that a community that does those things shows a ‘can-do’ spirit that encourages people to try new things no matter what their age. I like to enjoy life and I thought this was a place that would give me more opportunities to do that.

Sometimes I miss my garage and the space I had, but I certainly don’t miss the stress and work of home ownership. The time I spent maintaining my house, I now spend out with people or just relaxing. I have hosted family dinners for six from my kitchen, and when my granddaughters spend the night, they make the space work just fine.

Your home isn’t as important as the entire experience you gain from living at Bethany Village. People here really care about each other. Our wing throws monthly birthday parties, and, if there isn’t one to celebrate, we just have a party anyway!”

Susan Stiller

Anne Chance

"We knew our needs were going to be changing, and we wanted an environment that would meet that."

When Ann Chance and her husband Joe Kearney decided to join Ann’s sister and become residents of Bethany Village’s East Cottage neighborhood, they were leaving behind a light-filled home they had built for their retirement in a West Virginia golf community.

“It was a beautiful community full of wonderful people, but it took an hour to get anywhere. We wanted to be near a town, restaurants and stores. We knew our needs were going to be changing, and we wanted an environment that would meet that.

We sat down and considered the spaces in our house that we actually used. Our house was a party house, built for entertaining. But we realized we didn’t want to entertain as much. We knew we didn’t need all that space.

I’ve made new friends while walking the dog, and we enjoy not having to worry about how the roof, pipes, or driveway are faring during the winter. By moving now, we were able to create the home for and be in control of our future. It’s more empowering that way.”

Anne Chance

Tony Wright

"I am grateful to have the support of people who understand loss, people who are ready to listen and to talk."

When Tony Wright lost his wife less than one year after moving to Bethany Village, he realized the true value of their decision. Not only were Emily and Tony supported through her illness, but following his loss, Tony found himself surrounded by people who understood what it means to lose a spouse.

There are a lot of single people here and we all get together and help each other. If something were to happen to me and I didn’t show up to an event or a volunteer shift, people would say, ‘Hey, have you seen Tony? Let’s go check on him.’ I’m involved in so many things I never would have been doing if we had not moved here. If I had stayed home, I would have volunteered at my church a couple of times a month and watched a lot of TV and read books.

Losing your partner is so difficult, and it keeps hitting you at unexpected times long after you have lost them. I am grateful to have the support of people who understand loss, people who are ready to listen and to talk.”

Tony Wright


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