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senior living during covid19

Aging Well

Social Connection and Your Health

Countless studies support the science behind social connection in combating loneliness and promoting brain health. Staying social, safely, during COVID-19 can be a challenge for seniors living alone.

Aging Well

Why a Move During COVID-19 Was the Right Move

Why did infection-control nurse Beth Shank move to an Asbury community five years earlier than planned, in the middle of a pandemic? "I could tell this place is really looking out for your safety."

Aging Well

The Science Behind Senior Living and Wellness

Science is clear on the value that physical and social activity have for seniors - and how living alone makes that a challenge. Learn how senior living communities inspire a more active lifestyle.

residents playing cornhole

Aging Well

Why is Socialization Important for Brain Health?

Our brains need more than the air we breathe and the food we eat. Those are important for survival, sure. But in order to stay healthy and truly thrive, our brains need socialization. As human beings,

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