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We are immensely grateful for the generosity and dedication of our donor family. Our members make such a tremendous difference in the lives of the people Asbury serves. Make your secure gift below.

About Asbury Foundation

Asbury Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that secures philanthropic support to enhance the quality of life for seniors served by the Asbury system of communities. It’s all in keeping with Asbury’s mission of exploring opportunities to live your best life. Each year, Asbury Foundation provides funds supporting benevolent care for qualified Asbury residents as well as capital projects and programs that carry out residents’ priorities and passions.

We strive to provide a home and care to all residents, even those who have outlived their financial resources through no fault of their own. Each community also endeavors to offer life-enhancing programs and services without placing an undue burden on residents. For these needs, each community turns to Asbury Foundation and, of course, people like you.

Platinum Transparency 2023 CandidAsbury Foundation is proud to be among a very select percentage of charitable organizations that hold the Candid Platinum Transparency. Formerly known as Guidestar, Candid seeks to provide data on 501(c)(3) organizations, giving donors with a way to gauge their operations and credibility.


Our Mission: Securing charitable support to enhance the quality of lives for persons served by Asbury

Our Value Proposition: Aligning donor passion with transformational opportunity

Donating to Our Communities

To make a secure gift to any one of our senior living communities in Maryland and Pennsylvania, simply choose a location below. Asbury Foundation Tax ID: 52-1862674

How Asbury Residents Partner With Asbury Foundation

At Asbury, you will see organizations and programs created by residents that raise funds to support benevolent care, holiday gifts and events for residents of our health care neighborhoods, special projects, and associate scholarships. Examples include the Williamsburg Clothes Closet at Asbury Methodist Village, Thrift Sales at Asbury Solomons, the Grande Illumination at RiverWoods, and Guild and Auxiliary groups at several of our communities. The caring that residents demonstrate for their neighbors and associates who serve them makes Asbury’s communities special places to live and work.

Your gifts and donations to the Asbury Foundation are important. They lay the groundwork for the work that goes into fulfilling Asbury Communities’ Mission. As a not-for-profit corporation, all excess revenue at Asbury is put directly back into our system by updating facilities or services. The funds do not to benefit outside individuals or stockholders. Asbury strives to provide a home, fulfilling lifestyle, and support for residents, including those who have outlived their financial resources by no fault of their own. Asbury takes the initiative to provide additional programs and services without placing an added cost or burden on residents.

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